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What is a Box Break?

PostPosted: 2011-Dec-Wed-12-12
by teeks643
What is a Box Break?

A Group Box Break is essentially splitting the cost of a high-end box of cards with a number of other people. A Box Break is great because it allows you to pay for ONLY your favourite teams in a box instead of paying big money for the entire box. Box Breaks give you the opportunity to purchase only a few teams in an expensive box of cards but still come away with a massive hit!

Now, how fun would it be to simply open up a box of cards and ship them out to the winners? That's why the 643 Box Breakers include tons of bonuses and fun extras in their box breaks. We have a giant bonus wheel, randomizers, a bonus wall, bottle caps, 30-sided dice, a poker bonus game and a roulette wheel just to name a few! Great bonuses are routinely given away such as full team refunds, free spots in upcoming breaks, FREE additional box breaks, and of course bonus jersey, autograph or rookie cards!

How a Box Break Works

All current Box Breaks are listed at All that you need to do to get in on the action is register on the website! If you find a particular box of cards that you are interested in, you can bid on your favourite team(s) in that box. In the event that you win a team, click on "User Panel" near the top of the screen and then "Pay for Auctions Won" at the bottom of the User Panel list. This will bring up a list of all of the teams that you have won and not yet paid for. NOTE: Sometimes not all teams are processed immediately, Please wait for all your teams to show up before paying. At the bottom of the list you can click on the button to pay using Paypal. Once your transaction is complete the teams will be removed from the list.

Once the Box Breaker has received payments for the break they will film the Box Break and send the video link out to everyone that participated. Cards will be shipped out to the participants free of charge. You will receive all of the cards that are pulled out of the box that belong to the team(s) that you won! Base cards may or may not be shipped depending on that breakers policy, check the listing you bought to see.

At we hold our Box Breakers to a strict trust policy to ensure the legitamacy of our Box Breaks. All Breakers are required to post the Serial # from the box for the duration of the active listings (the same serial # will be shown on the factory sealed box prior to the box being opened). Box Breakers are also required to show a list of winning bidders on the video to ensure that the video is being filmed after all auctions have closed.

How We are different

You will not see Box Breaks like ours anywhere else. We have our own auction site to avoid massive ebay fees and we offer amazing bonus prizes in our auction breaks. The community aspect at 643 is extremely strong and we are on a first name basis with most of our members. Keep in mind that we are not a licensed Local Card Shop and we don't get our boxes at wholesale prices like the other break sites who make massive profit on their breaks. Even without wholesale pricing you will still notice that our Buy-It-Now Breaks and Case Breaks are cheaper than anyone else around!

Monthly Free Breaks for our top bidders

Each month as our Top 25 Member pool grows we reward our Members with FREE Box Breaks and many other great prizes (each seller pays a fee on every listing to fund the top 25 Bonus Pot). The Top 15 bidders pick their teams for the free break and the rest of the bidders get a shot at free spots as every auction at 643 counts as a ballot.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at
I am happy to answer any questions that you might have!

Please enjoy this great website and have fun!
Tyler Kornelsen

Re: What is a Box Break?

PostPosted: 2012-Sep-Tue-05-09
by teeks643
Nightly Buy-It-Now Breaks (and email alerts)

Every night we host cheap Buy-It-Now Breaks without the extra bonuses to keep the prices down.
These BINS are first come first served so you have to be quick to get your favorite team! You may click the
"Subscribe topic" link to get email alerts when we post to our nightly bin thread HERE.

Live Breaks and Payments

Most of the Breakers broadcast their Box Breaks LIVE at the 643 BreakersTV Page. Breakers reserve the right to delay breaks until all payments are in, especially from new bidders. Many of us cut some slack to long time trusted bidders for small amounts so we can break in a timely fashion.

Breakers.TV and FORUM Rules:

Many of the 643 Members enjoy the Breaks along with their kids, so please keep all chat on a PG level. You may NOT post links to box breaks or other break sites. You may post ebay card sale links once per hour on or once a day on the forum using the same thread but only if the listings do not contain other box breaks or links to box breaks. You may NOT contact other members privately in order to sell other box breaks, spamming on our forum will result in your user ID and name being listed on the "banned" section of the fourm. Please try to keep all chat positive, nobody wants to see people complain all day long.

Trading and card sales

We allow trades and sales and we use a feedback system to keep you as safe as posible from being ripped off. However, please use common sense when trading as we are in no way responsible for bad transactions. People with under 5 feedback need to ship their card first, if both parties are under 5 then the lowest feedback ships first. If both are tied with the same feedback then you both can ship but we advise against any very valuable transactions.

Re: What is a Box Break?

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Sat-04-03
by teeks643
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