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Today's Auction Box Break

PostPosted: 2014-Apr-Tue-02-04
by teeks643
Check here for which Auction Box Breaks are taking place on the current day.

Please keep in mind that:
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2. All times posted will be in central time unless noted otherwise, which is the same time as reported on the auction site pages:
3. We will be deleting the posts here after each day to keep this thread nice and simple.
4. All Auction teams count toward the top 25 monthly bonus breaks:

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Re: Today's Auction Box Break

PostPosted: 2021-May-Tue-04-05
by Flyer970hunny
Hey Everyone,

Auction ending tonight is 20-21 UD Series 2 ----->>> Bonus prize tonight is 2 spots in the Black Diamond Inner Case ---->> We are going to break the inner case right after the auction and Goalie, Goalie, Goalie giveaway!!

Re: Today's Auction Box Break

PostPosted: 2021-Jun-Tue-05-06
by Flyer970hunny
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I won’t be having an auction this week. Very sorry and hope you all have a great week.

Thank you,