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Fantasy Canadian Football

PostPosted: 2016-Jun-Wed-04-06
by flyerstakedown716
I noticed Draftkings has Canadian Football now as a sport offering. I'll admit know NOTHING about the CFL, So if anyone in Canada would like to explain who's good or any information that would be greatly appreciated. Once NYS signs the bill into Law and I can play there I'll be willing to do some $1 contests if interested.

Re: Fantasy Canadian Football

PostPosted: 2016-Jun-Thu-01-06
by flyerstakedown716
So I did some research into CFL

QB J. Jennings *Wanted to take Drew Willy for the University of Buffalo relation but couldn't afford it*
RB Jerome Messam
WR Darvin Adams
WR Luke Tasker *Note only took him due to Tasker, Bills fan here*
FLEX Kevin Elliott
FLEX Derel Walker
DST Eskimos

Come on Trust an American for Canadian Football. If you play this let me know, I wanna see how it does.