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Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Sun-06-03
by Golfnut77777
We all post our lineups for free because we are friends. That is the basic motto of our site. We may not have met everyone in person, but we are like a family here.

I believe you are talking more about Flyerstakedown716's post more so then mine as I don't do that well, lol. Jason is a great guy and always willing to help out.

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Wed-03-03
by flyerstakedown716
Sorry for not posting in a while. Was without a computer for a while. My hot streak overheated my computer haha.

Welcome Harry. Pretty much what Todd said(golfnut77777), I view members as this site as my virtual friends. Why do I post lineups and / or give advice? I do it because I already put in the research for my lineups and I view members at 643 like Todd said as a family and friends. I mainly target gpp. Also sometimes when I post I'll give my opinion on why I like that player to give you an idea on what to look for / what matchups to watch. The other benefit is if you do your own lineup you can compare to mine and get a second viewpoint of what another person is thinking. Also on days where I don't post or if you want a 2nd opinion on someone feel free to ask questions and I'll try my best to answer. MLB is coming up as well which I have been reading up on(finite math / linear regression / probability) so it should be a fun baseball season I hope.

This is for a gpp as it has risks with McCallum and Dunleavy but when you look at the previous match up they could pay off. Lopez is a risk too. I love Harden, Rubio, and Bledsoe and wanted to fit all 3 in one lineup

PG Ricky Rubio
SG James Harden
SF DeMarre Carroll
PF Zach Randolph
C Brooks Lopez
G Ray McCallum
F Mike Dunleavy
UTIL Eric Bledsoe

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Wed-05-03
by flyerstakedown716
Injury Update - Mirotic = must play tonight. Also like Carter Williams ANTETOKOUNMPO and Middleton.

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Fri-02-03
by flyerstakedown716
I really like my college basketball early slate draftkings lineup for Friday. I won't be home afternoon so nba tonight but target ray mccallum and ben mclemore(if you dare) if you want cheap value

Sterling Brown
Trahson Burrell
Quinton Decosey
Jaylen Bond
Frank Kaminsky
Markus Kennedy
Antoine Mason
Jalyn Patterson

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Wed-05-03
by flyerstakedown716
picks will be posted shortly(15 mins about)

have some trouble with fitting the lineup I really like in on fanduel but so far I like :

PG(in order) - Westbrook, Curry, Lillard(draftkings special price), Hill
SG - Wade, Olidipo, Caldwell Pope, Gannis Alphabet
SF - Parsons Caroll
PF - Mirotic , Amir Johnson
C - Drummond, Kanter

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Thu-12-03
by flyerstakedown716
$83 played for nba. Won $190 so a $107 profit + $20 draftkings ticket that I may use for the ncaa survivor(depends on how much overlay in the morning)

CBB Draftkings - it'll be tough due to so many games. hopefully friday they have Buffalo's roster cheap as I am targeting 3 Buffalo players for Friday

G Jerian Grant
G Tyler Harvey
G Jalyn Patterson
F Zach Auguste
F Jonathan Holmes
F K. Towns
UTIL Dee Davis
UTIL JeQuan Lewis

Fanduel CBB

Steve Moundou-Missi
Mo Alie-Cox
Jameel McKay
Tosin Mehinti
Jonathan Holmes
Kenny Chery
Demetrius Jackson
Josh Hart
Jerian Grant


G J.B. Holmes
G C. Howell III
G Martin Laird
G Shane Lowry
G Sam Saunders *Palmers grandchild or something so it has to count for something*
G Henrik Stenson

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Fri-03-03
by flyerstakedown716
Today's cbb is tough since I do like a lot of the high priced guys but there's very limited value I feel comfortable with. I decided to go a more balanced lineup. Note - Having 3 Buffalo players may be due to bias but these 3 are the offense and due to the upset they will score. Moss has been dealing with an injury but all reports are he is fully healthy. I also like xavier ford but I can't have 4 Bulls.

Lineup #1
Jordan Barham
Lamonte Bearden
Jordan Woodard
Darius Carter
Sam Dekker
Justin Moss
Shannon Evans *will turn the ball over but is the main pg and should get the assists*
Wayne Seldon Jr

Kris Dunn
E Victor Nickerson *very risky but need value*
Wayne Selden Jr
Darius Carter
Sam Dekker
Aaron White
Xavier Ford
Scoochie Smith

To be posted in morning

Fanduel Slam
Ish Smith

Draftkings is similar. Also like Peyton, Westbrook (obviously), Bazemore, Hortford

stack the devils because I'm stacking sabres

If you like baseball or just want to join a fun league here at 643 check out my fantasy baseball league. It'll be a fun league and we can talk smack all Summer. Check the info in the general sports section.

Draftkings is running a promo regarding refferals. If you join using a refferal link and deposit at least $5 you and the person who refers you will get a $20 entry into their pga millionaire maker or mlb slugfest. I am trying to stock up on the mlb tickets. Even if you join with just $5, use my lineup, then enter the $20 tournament and that's it.

CBB is looking like 1 decent, 1 bad. unfortunately for my $10 in 50/50 and mini leagues I have the bad one in half but the bad one still has a chance. Although Buffalo lost I do love the 67.25 production from the 3, and 80.25 if you count Ford.

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Mon-02-03
by flyerstakedown716
Early but tonight I'm doing players I like instead of a flat lineup since there's a lot :

high end - Wall and Curry. If you must have 1 I rather go Wall but I would go mid range.
mid range - Kemba Walker, Evan Turner, Mike Conley, George Hill. I like Kemba and Conley. Also Turner. May play all 3
Value - Trey Burke

Kevin Martin
Bogdanovic *risky*

Tony Allen
Chase Budinger
Maybe Michael Kid Gilcrest

Derrick Favors
Thad Young

Brook Lopez
Marc Gasol

Re: fantasy nba

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Mon-03-03
by flyerstakedown716
My 2nd to last lineup for NBA before we move on to mlb. My last lineup will be 4/10 since I'm only using up tickets I have.

PG - Ish Smith. Also like Kemba Walker
SG - Derozan
SF - Josh Smith
PF - Aldridge
C - Jordan Hill
G - Ben Mclemore. don't like it but need value and Mayo burns me everytime and Lee is a tad more risky but like him too
F - Noel
U - Trevor Booker if Favors is out