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Setting the Screen Bonus Thread - tomschepker

Setting the Screen Bonus Thread - tomschepker

Postby tomschepker » 2017-Dec-Sat-09-12

*New to auction breaks only as of 12/23/17*

This bonus celebrates that poor base card that's stuck between the sniper (first hit) and the goal (us seeing the first hit). In auction breaks that have base cards (as defined by being non-numbered cards that are not SP's or inserts in any way), for the first pack that is opened the screen setter will be defined as the card that is immediately in front of the first hit. It's between the sniper and the goal so to speak. Whatever team that card is assigned to will receive a free spot in a random team break.

*****Until some time in the unspecified future, all free team slots received from this bonus will route into the current 643 double play bonus break box*****
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