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HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-12-02
by Eldonko

Introducing an all new HatTrick currency, hitcoin! Hitcoin is earned in HatTrick breaks and is saved for you in the hitcoin bank as you earn. Once you get enough hitcoin saved up, you can cash it in for prizes.

Here is the current prize list (this will be updated regularly):

Cards purchasable with hitcoin:

12-13 Dominion Pietrangelo patch auto /60 - 20
12-13 Dominion Johansen patch auto /60 - 36
12-13 Dominion Ellis RPA /199 - 16


12-13 Rookie Anthology / Lux Suite Bobby Hull - 20


15-16 Trilogy Tryptichs Barasso auto /80 - 24
13-14 The Cup Scripted Sticks Brett Hull /35 - 160


15-16 Black Diamond Esposito auto /10 - 85
14-15 SPGU Selanne auto - 56
14-15 SPGU Varlamov Supreme Patches /12 - 70


2016-17 UD Black Diamond Dylan Strome Rookie Booklet Relics /299 - 30


2012-13 Classics Dionne auto - 36
2012-13 Classics Foligno auto - 15
2012-13 Classics Savard auto - 28
2012-13 Classics LeClair auto - 20
2011-12 Ultimate Kurri auto - 25


2013-14 National Treasures Johnson, Foligno, Prout auto /75 - 16
2015-15 Anthology Gormley and Visentin autos /275 - 10


2014-15 Permier Reinhart patch auto /99 - 18
2014-15 Showcase Lazar patch auto /375 - 26
2014-15 Anthology Potvin auto /299 - 28
2014-15 Anthology Bower auto /122 - 30
2014-15 Premier Rinks of Honor Reinhart auto - 32


2014-15 Trilogy Signature Pucks Ty Rattie 15
2016-17 Trilogy Signature Pucks Aaron Ekblad 22
2015-16 The Cup Signature Patches Ryan Miller 25





Alex Galchenyuk autographed Habs Reebok Premier jersey size large with COA from Frameworth 475
Michael Cammalleri 16x20 autographed photo with COA from Frameworth 85
Pierre Pilote 8x10 autographed photo with COA from Frameworth 35
Please note memorabilia items include shipping in North America. Outside of North America, additional shipping fees will apply.

Other items purchasable with hitcoin:
1 random team in 14-15 The Cup 34
$10 HatTrick bidding credit 20
1 box 13-14 Crown Royale 170
1 box 13-14 Playbook 150
1 box 14-15 Panini Anthology 150
1 box 14-15 S1 120
1 box 2015 Leaf Signature Series 275
1 box 2014 Draft Prospects 120
2 packs of 13-14 Select 24

HITCOIN BANK!AoT45WozmciihGgbpBB9Kt8m9wGm

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-01-02
by Subterfuge
aww wish i whoulda thought of that lol, lot easier to keep track of than my stupid darts, nice one!

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-02-02
by Eldonko
PJ came up with the name hitcoin, I like it hehe :lol:

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-03-02
by Bummerboy
How much do we have to spend to earn one hitcoin?

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-04-02
by Eldonko
It is not based on spend, I will give away hitcoins as bonuses in my auctions. For example, each team you buy earns 1 hitcoin, the bonus slots on the PLINKO board are 25 hitcoin, and hits earn hitcoin for certain teams. The auction listings for Wednesday go up tonight and all details will be in there.

Great One 5+, Streaking, get out of jail bonuses will remain. Once the Great One raffle fills my BIN 5+ will change to a hitcoin based bonus.

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-05-02
by teeks643
This is a great bonus, Zac! :clap

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-05-02
by Bluenoze87
Eldonko wrote:PJ came up with the name hitcoin, I like it hehe :lol:

You're welcome! Sometimes ideas just flow from my brain, except when I'm trying to think of them for myself, lol

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-08-02
by Bummerboy
Thanks PJ for the explanation.

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Sun-11-02
by Ryantobin
Cool bonus structure Zac

Re: HatTrick Hitcoin Store

PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Mon-11-02
by Subterfuge
is there going to be any hitcoins for your bins too? like a coin for every mem or auto hit or 5 plus and so on?