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Today's Buy it Now Break

PostPosted: 2012-Feb-Thu-10-02
by Subterfuge
Check here for the newest "Buy it now" breaks to be posted.

Keep in mind a few things:

1. Sellers will only advertise their break once all auctions have closed for the day.
2. Sellers may post their BIN listings to start any time after the last auction has closed up until noon of the following day.
3. You may subscribe to this thread by clicking the "Subscribe Topic" link below, and you will be notified of new posts by email.
4. All times posted will be in central time unless noted otherwise, which is the same time as reported on the auction site pages:
5. I will be deleting the posts here after a box sells out to keep this thread nice and simple.
6. Our BINS are popular and they are being gobbled up fast, from now on if the first BIN of the night is sold in under an hour the next breaker in line has the option to post theirs as well. This is not mandatory for the breakers but you can expect many nights with extra bins.
7. Scheduled BINS which can be seen on the calendar will also be advertised here, usually after the normal BIN rotation for the night has been announced and all the auctions are closed for the night.
8. All BINS count as an auction towards the top 25 monthly bonus breaks:

Keep in mind we always have Some nice cheap Buy it now teams for Football: ... n=FBoxbrea

And Baseball: ... n=BBoxbrea

which also count towards the top 25 bonuses.

IMPORTANT INFO For those who have been experiencing problems receiving BIN alerts via email. This comes from Forum head honcho Joe (stackthepads40).

We will leave this message up here to give everyone a chance to see it.

Ty- I did some reading on how the PHPbb emails work. Let me know if this is what might be what is happening or not.

The update emails are sent only after a user visits the thread. They won't get emails for every post since their visit, only for the first post since their last visit, if that makes sense. So they would have to log in and "view" the new post(s) and then after that they would get an email when there is a new post.

I have been getting emails fine for the HOF posting, but unless I go view the thread, it won't email me again.


So in summary:

a) Make sure that you are subscribed to this thread at the bottom of the page (If you are subscribed, there should be an "Unsubscribe" option). Yesterday a member who had previously subscribed was, for whatever reason, unsubscribed and had to re-check the box.

b) You will only receive the next email for the next BIN if you visit this thread when you received the previous email (Make SURE that you are logged in when you visit the thread, or else it will not count). If you do not actually visit the thread while you are logged in when you get the Notification email, you will not get any further emails until you visit the thread.

This is a built in anti-spam measure that they programmed in and it does not look as though we can circumvent it.

Re: Today's Buy it Now Break

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Tue-12-06
by Flyer970hunny

This will be a 6 break series.

Jersey Mashup # 1 contains the following items:

1 box of 11-12 Titanium - S/N - NE181124555

1 box of 11-12 Rookie Anthology - S/N NE181168345

1 box of 13-14 Playbook - S/N NE206532477

1 box of 14-15 Black Diamond - S/N NE205713386

1 Jersey box - random between # 1-6 @ start of break

Once all spots are filled we will randomize the teams 3 times and match them up to the spot you purchased.

After the random is complete there will be a 24 hour window to make trades.

This break will also have 2 bonuses

#1 - purchase 2 teams and receive a free spot in 15-16 SPX

#2 - Goalies, goalies, goalies - hit any goalie during the break and receive a free spot in a box of Masked Men.

Autographed Jerseys for this series in random order:

Minnesota Wild - Zach Parise - Frameworth COA

Calgary Flames - Johny Gaudreau - AJ Sport World & Gaudreau COA

Florida Panthers - Aaron Ekblad - Frameworth COA

Tampa Bay Lightning - Victor Hedman - AJ Sport World COA

Chicago Blackhawks - Corey Crawford - Frozen Pond COA

Minnesota Northstars (Dallas Stars) - Mike Modano AJ Sport World COA

If you have any questions please feel free to email me @


Re: Today's Buy it Now Break

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Sun-11-06
by teeks643
I'll break Portfolio at 11:45, just before Pack Wars