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Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Feb-Thu-04-02
by Subterfuge
Well we knew it would happen sooner or later, and because of one bad apple, WE WILL NO LONGER OPEN BOXES UNTIL ANY NEW BIDDERS HAVE PAID IN FULL.



austin jones

emails attempted.

usernames: HOCKEYpacks, Pull87, Gopensgo, pensfan87

REASON FOR BAN: Purchasing teams and not paying, and then making multiple accounts to try again.


ryan dreossi

username: ryandreossi28

REASON FOR BAN: Purchasing team and not paying, no response to emails requesting explanation.


Byron Garber


username: collectingfool
blogtv username: allrandombreaks.scam (url changed slightly by me, i dont want to advertise for tools)
his lame website: allrandombreaks.scam (url changed slightly by me, i dont want to advertise for tools)

REASON FOR BAN: Non payment and or opening claims, after checking we found a past history of scams elsewhere.


Banned: bantamAAA17
Danny Mazerolle

Reason: Won a team in an Auction Break, Did not pay.

"I cannot pay right away"
[When asked when he would be able to pay] "Did I win any cards in the break?" :smack
Then communication stopped after that point

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Feb-Thu-04-02
by teeks643
Ya I am sorry to say to our 274 awesome members that #275 is a dud and has ruined it for everyone.

Buddy racked up $60 on a Subterfuge Box Break, a few bucks in a Blitz break, and also won a few teams in Sebastian's Crown Royale that had to be resold.

Unfortunately this means that from now on Boxes will not be broken until any unfamiliar names on the list have paid in full. This also means that we will have to put a deadline for Live breaks that members need to be paid up by or their teams will be forfeited.

We have VERY much appreciated how amazing 99.6% of you 643 Members have been in the 6 months that the site has been up and running. It is really unfortunate that 0.4% of the population has to ruin it for everyone!

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Feb-Sat-04-02
by Casualty466
During Subs break I thought that guy seemed fishy, it seemed like he was winning every auction and I had never heard of him. I just assumed he was a new bidder who was eager to get involved with the breaks then I noticed him in Girards as well. I guess some people get a high off being an idiot

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Jul-Tue-03-07
by Subterfuge
Banned EverythingHockey93 for sending me case break spam via private message.

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Aug-Tue-06-08
by Subterfuge
banned collectingfool, another scammer.

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Aug-Fri-01-08
by Subterfuge
suggest you decline any trades or sales with Jaysfan107, he has been banned from other boards for:

Reason for BAN: In short, an irritating, annoying, impatient child. Bumped threads over 2 months old, feedback misuse and abuse, useless posts and ramblings, incessant PM's to site admins and mods bordering on harassment. Questioned people on their transactions, and overall useless antics on the site. **UPDATE** - signed up again on the boards as Jaysfan07. BANNED means BANNED. If you deal with him and get scammed, we cannot help you. This is why this information is here.

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Aug-Fri-03-08
by fbennetthcsg
I agree this jaysfan seems weird, looks just like he joined the board yesterday sending me 2 messages of what cards i have to trade and looks like he has posted on every topic
-Frank (fbennetthcsg)

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Aug-Fri-03-08
by sabres shawn
sent me 20 messages in 24hrs. thought it was just me, but good work!!

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Aug-Fri-04-08
by vaughgeran
Thanks for the heads-up guys. I had been contacted also.

Re: Banned List

PostPosted: 2012-Aug-Fri-04-08
by Shawn198977
He contacted me twice. Seemed fishy to me.