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Fanduel NBA

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Fanduel NBA

Postby flyerstakedown716 » 2014-Mar-Fri-06-03

So I decided to make a post to help some of the people who play on fanduel try to win a few bucks with nba. I started nba this year and became good at it. I mainly do nba on draftkings but I also do a little on fanduel. I do spend about 2 hours doing research a day and on draftkings I will play an average of $20-$150 a night. There's a week or 2 left so a lot of players will be moving to baseball so you'll have less of the sharks.

Here's a lineup for today on fanduel(5/28) I'll be doing a very similar line up(not exact due to multiple same lineups)

Also if anyone wants to put a $1 into the nba dribbler here's a lineup :
PG - Kemba Walker
PG - Shawn Livingston
SG - Eric Bledsoe
SG - Kevin Martin
SF - PJ Tucker
SF - JR Smith
PF - Tim Duncan (may sit as the spurs coach decides to sit players last min but if you don't think you'll be able to change him out use Greg Monroe)
PF - Carmelo Anthony
C - Gorgui Dieng (depending if their other center sits again for the 7th game which is very likely, if Dieng doesn't start put in Jonas Valanciunnas and for PG - swap Livingston for Mario Chalmers)

1. I love the matchup for Walker who is going against ORL who rank 27th against PG last 15. Should get between 42-48 fantasy pts
2A. Livingston is a guy who has a safe floor but no ceiling. At 4,700 He'll get you between 20-35pts. He goes against Cleve who is 25th and 21st against PG and SG. I also like Deron Williams but Livinston 2,500 cheaper
2B. You could also go Chalmers here. He goes up against Det and Jennings non existent defense. Chalmers can get you 30pts or he can get you 10pts. Both matchups here are good
3. PHO / NY is a game I am targeting tonight as it's a must win for both teams. Bledsoe has been on a roll with 30pts or more in his last 4. He handles the ball a lot which leads to him turning it over more but makes it up with assists. Should get at least 32pts in this one
4. LAL defense is horrible, think sabres for hockey. They give up shots and pts like crazy. I think Martin won't be as highly owned as Dieng or Love.
5. PJ Tucker should reach game in a pho/ny with a 209 o/u
6. Boom or bust describes JR Smith. He can hit threes which help or he could just bust. Last 7 he's been averaging 22pts. Risk / reward
7A. Denver is horrible against the bigs. They played on Weds and Duncan had 55.1pts. Only thing stopping him is the coach deciding to give him rest but I think it's unlikely
7B. Miami is bad at rebounding. I also think Drummond will be on Bosh leaving Monroe for rebounding chances Last time he got 28pts against Miami but he can only go for 40pts
8. I also like Anthony Davis here a lot but he's just slightly outside the budget but if Dieng and Duncan both sit you can add Davis with the other corrections. Anthony has 40+ pts 8 of his last 10. He rises up in big games. I wish this game was at msg but still should have a good one and should be under owned with Love vs lal, Duncan vs den, and davis vs uth
9. The Yasiel Puig of nba right now. 11,11,21,9,17,15. Those are his rebounding totals since Pek got injured. That is insane and he's going against the lal without gasol. If starting he may honestly get 20 rebounds. He will be highly owned but worth it
9B. If he doesn't start :( I'll go with Jonas Valanciunnas. 33.3 pts last time they played on Weds. I forgot if it was an OT game but he should be under owned.

Hopefully you enjoyed this and if you want to give it a try great. I'll keep it going for the rest of the nba season and depending how fast It takes me to learn the dfs baseball I'll post baseball advice. I will update this lineup for player news
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Re: Fanduel NBA

Postby flyerstakedown716 » 2014-Mar-Fri-07-03

Other players I like today :
Demarcus Cousins / Al Jefferson / Andre Drummond
Victor Oladipo
Anthony Morrow (value but only if he starts)
Corey Brewer
Jarrett Jack
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Re: Fanduel NBA

Postby flyerstakedown716 » 2014-Mar-Fri-05-03

My updated fanduel lineup if interested.

Norris Cole
Shawn McCallium
Tyreke Evans
Anthony Morrow
Lebron James
JR Smith
Anthony Davis
Kennith Faried
Chris Bosh

what a different few hours make
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Re: Fanduel NBA

Postby flyerstakedown716 » 2014-Mar-Sat-02-03

Well the Davis injury hurt and helped me yesterday. I placed 10 $2 shot entries and had him on 7. However the 3 I faded him I fit for $60, $36, and $10. On draftkings I had 2 $27 entries in the mega crossover and Davis costed me 1 of them. The other I finished in 39th(top 100 wins) and walked away with $1,000. I decided to post this later in the day because of injuries and late scratches which had me going crazy. Today is an odd night and I expected crazy scores and I don't think tonight is a good night to play but my lineup is :
Michael Carter Williams
Norris Cole (Chalmers is questionable if plays scratch nole and throw a table)
Anthony Morrow
Tyreke Evans
Lebron James (Wade should sit again I hope)
Josh Smith
Blake Griffin
Jonas Jerebko
Zaza Pachulia

Now if Chalmers and Wade play replace them with this
Cole for Chris Paul
Lebron of Aminu and hope Anthony Davis sits
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