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643 Out and about

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Re: 643 Out and about

Postby Bluenoze87 » 2017-Feb-Tue-09-02

Moving up in my hockey pool, tied for 2nd with 643pts!

My eBay page, if I have anything listed?!?!
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Re: 643 Out and about

Postby LloydC » 2017-Aug-Wed-01-08

teeks643 wrote:The same thing happens to me all the time PJ. I often use marine muscle catch 6:43 on the clock and smirk to myself.

Such clever and unintentional subliminal marketing...

It's so weird. I feel like the number 643 is following me lol. I see it everywhere now.
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Re: 643 Out and about

Postby teeks643 » 2018-Mar-Sun-11-03

On Friday night I did an escape room (with Jerry - JetsInOT, no less) and the game master revealed to us that we escaped with exactly 6:43 to spare.
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